Does Coffee Sober Us Up? Really?

Anyone who has had too much to drink and had to show up somewhere else afterwards such as a family gathering, a group project presentation or back to your mum’s house where you are spending the holidays. Either way far too many of us have relied on the mocha coloured elixir to actually complain about it but the question remains, does it really clear you up of the liquor consumed? This is a question that we will be looking at today and we will get to the bottom of the fable and if it is true or false.

Before you go google “coffee Canberra” to sort yourself out for next few night outs you have planned. Understanding what alcohol actually does to you is a very important factor. In the Roman times, they would have gatherings known as symposiums where the who’s who of the society would show up and exchange ideas and opinions, so it was basically modern day networking. Here they would serve wine a way to lift up that initial awkwardness and basically loosen people up, after that- well we have all heard the stories of Roman soirées and apparently it went so well that the idea has been passed down through the ages and now alcohol is used as an ice breaker in any tense situation. One or two drinks won’t do much to most people but everyone has their limit. Either way, what alcohol does to you, is that it interferes with certain neurotransmitters in your brain and affects the messages sent from your mind to your body. This is why when you are inhibited, you think that you can fight a man twice your size, assume you are musically talented or think that the gentleman you met on the dance floor is attractive. Now while this all is fine and well it only lasts for about an hour or so after you’ve had a drink, after that your chemically induced high comes to a low.

At some point of the night, if you have had too much to drink, you will find yourself being handed a number of concoctions to sober you up. The classic go-to is caffeine and truly, it does the trick but does it rid your body of alcohol or just it’s side effects? Really it does neither. What it does is that it fights against the low brought on by the booze. What happens with the low is that it makes you sleepy and drowsy, the caffeine actually manages to fight the chemicals in your brain that tell you are tired and make your body think that it is not tired, sort of a little energy booster. So the next time you’re in a fix and need to sober a friend out, googling “coffee Canberra” might be a smart thing. This level of energy can last up to about 6 hours but once it wears out, the effects of alcohol set in. so this means that caffeine does not actually make you completely sober but it does temporarily get rid of the effects. So if you need to be functional for a few hours before you can go sleep it off, I think you can say java is your man. To get more information about specialty coffee Canberra, contact black mountain coffee.